HiLO concept tablet with a sleeve that acts as a keyboard!

We have seen many concept tablets. Most of them are very good in design, but unpractical. But here comes a new tablet which is not only good in design but also very practical. In fact it’s concept is so good that we wish every tablet maker takes “inspiration” from this concept. Wondering what is so good about this concept tablet? Well, the HiLO tablet is a 10.1″ OLED tablet with a tablet sleeve which has a keyboard over sleeve’s external portion!

The sleeve actually has a wireless felt keyboard. Keys are fused on the external side of the sleeve and can be used as and when needed.

Such a cool way to solve physical keyboard issue in tablet, no?

Hope most tablet makers (especially Acer and Asus) takes inspiration from this design and launch their next generation tablet with a keyboard-sleeve!


This post originally appeared on PClaunches.com.