Hillary Clinton's campaign is absorbing members of the Ready for Hillary super PAC

Hillary Clinton’s likely presidential campaign organisation is reportedly incorporating members of the Ready for Hillary super PAC, which has been the top unofficial cheerleader for a Clinton presidential run since her 2013 departure from the State Department.

Early efforts by the PAC’s founder Adam Parkhomenko to drum up support for Clinton have apparently not gone unnoticed and have yielded him a plum spot as director of grassroots engagement on her presumed campaign, sources told The New York Times.

With Parkhomenko at the helm, Ready for Hillary has garnered support from mega donors, political heavyweights and the grassroots alike.

Total Ready for Hillary receipts in 2014 totaled nearly $US9 million, with a hefty donor list including billionaire Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell-Jobs, and actors Michael Douglas, and Alec Baldwin.

But Parkhomenko also tapped into the Democratic base, peddling Clinton-emblazoned tchotchkes like champagne glasses and infant onesies and sponsoring a bus tour to coincide with the publicity for her book, “Hard Choices.”

According to the Times, several other PAC team members, fundraising director Neisha Blandin, organising director Hans Goff, regional political director Jessica Meija, deputy finance director Alex Smith, and Rachel Schneider, director for young Americans and Jewish Americans director, will also be grafted into Clinton’s campaign team.

A representative for Ready for Hillary did not respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

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