These are the shows Hillary Clinton binge-watches in her spare time

Hillary clinton favourite TV shows stephen colbert

Hillary Clinton would totally do a cameo on CBS’s “Madam Secretary” — if she could get the timing down.

During an appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Tuesday, the former Secretary of State and current Democratic presidential candidate said she and Bill Clinton had recently caught up on some of their favourite TV shows.

“I do like ‘Madam Secretary,'” Hillary revealed about the show that took some inspiration from her own time in the job.

That’s probably what led Colbert to ask, “Do you ever call them up and say, ‘Where’s my residual check?'”

Madam secretary madeleine albright
Tea Leoni, left, and Madeleine Albright on ‘Madam Secretary.’ Sarah Shatz/CBS

“No,” Hillary laughed, and then brought up that former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright appeared on an episode of “Madam Secretary” two weeks ago.

“Are you jealous?” the host asked.

“A little,” she admitted.

Colbert offered to make a call for her, but the timing may not be right.

“I think I’d have to wait to do it later,” she responded.

“Maybe after November?” Colbert suggested and Clinton agreed.

She’s being very judicious. After all, Donald Trump is hosting an entire episode of “Saturday Night Live” on November 7.

“Madam Secretary” was just one of the shows Hillary mentioned in the interview. She and Bill had just finished binging “House of Cards” during her birthday on Monday. She offered her critique of the Kevin Spacey-starring Netflix political drama: “Another murder, I mean really.”

Previously, Hillary’s emails revealed that she’s a fan of “Parks and Recreation” and “The Good Wife.”

Watch the interview below:

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