'I never thought I'd say these words': Hillary Clinton says she agrees with Ted Cruz on something

Hell has evidently frozen over.

Hillary Clinton said Friday afternoon that she agreed with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who earned scorn from the Republican Party when he encouraged attendees of the Republican National Convention to vote their conscience in November while refusing to endorse nominee Donald Trump.

“Something has gone terribly wrong when someone says ‘vote your conscience’ and gets booed,” Clinton said at a Miami rally.

The presumptive Democratic nominee added: “I never thought I’d say these words, but Ted Cruz was right.”

“Ted Cruz was right … vote your conscience.” – Hillary Clinton at Friday rally pic.twitter.com/YPOgkYYui2
— FOX 4 NEWS (@FOX4) July 22, 2016

Clinton encouraged voters to do what Cruz advised and cast their ballot for president in accordance with their conscience.

Cruz exited the RNC stage to loud boos and jeers when he discouraged the audience from voting for Trump if it would violate their conscience.

On Friday, Trump went on a surreal tirade against the Texas senator, claiming his endorsement held no value and even saying he would reject it if it were offered.

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