Hillary Clinton sets Twitter ablaze after struggling to swipe NYC subway card

Screen Shot 2016 04 07 at 10.20.10 AMScreenshot/NBC NewsHillary Clinton attempting to enter a New York City subway on Thursday, April 7.

Hillary Clinton was caught struggling to use her subway card to enter a New York City train during a Thursday visit to the city.

It took the former New York senator and Democratic presidential frontrunner five swipes to finally pass through the turnstile as news cameras and onlookers homed in on the uncomfortable moment.

Many people declared that they found the moment relatable to their own commuter experience.

Here are some of the tweets following Clinton’s subway struggles:

It’s not the first-time a New York subway-related moment has picked up steam for a Democratic presidential candidate this week. In an interview with the Daily News, a New York tabloid, Bernie Sanders said people ride the subway by paying with a “token.” Sanders later offered that “you jump over the turnstile.”


Watch themoment below:

WATCH: In scene many New Yorkers know well, Hillary Clinton runs into trouble getting through the subway turnstile.https://t.co/hcGj0oz4IJ
— NBC Nightly News (@NBCNightlyNews) April 7, 2016

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