Georgetown Blames Low Turnout At Hillary Clinton Speech On Final Exams

Hillary clintonScreen grab via Georgetown UniversityFormer Secretary of State Hillary speaks at Georgetown University on December 3, 2014.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at the Georgetown Institute ForWomen, Peace and Securityand it seems like hardly anyone showed up.

Clinton’s remarks on “Smart Power: Security Through Inclusive Leadership” were delivered at Georgetown’s Gaston Hall, an auditorium that seats more than 700 people. However, based on tweets from those who attended the event, many seats were empty.

Update (1:40 p.m.): Georgetown spokesperson Stacy Kerr sent a statement to Business Insider noting there has been large turnout for past events at the school with Clinton. She also suggested the fact it is the last week before final exams may have contributed to lower turnout this time.
“Secretary Clinton’s visits to Georgetown are always met with great enthusiasm here. She was here four weeks ago and students lined up overnight for that visit and we had to turn people away due to the interest,” said Kerr. “This is the last week of classes or the semester and many students are preparing for finals. Gaston Hall holds about 700 – the bottom holds about 400 and it was full for today’s visit.”
Here are some pictures from Twitter:

Republicans gleefully mocked the low attendance at Clinton’s speech. Five minutes after the scheduled 10 a.m. start of the event, Republican National Committee Press Secretary Kirsten Kukowski sent Dana Milbank’s tweet to reporters in an email with the subject line “Hmmm…”

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