REUTERS: Hillary Clinton Seeking World Bank Presidency

hillary clinton

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Hillary Clinton may be seeking the World Bank presidency, Reuters just announced.Philippe Reines, a State Department spokesman, says the rumour is “not even remotely true.” The Washington Post says that Reines told a Reuters journalist directly: “I have a better source than you do.”

White House spokesman Jay Carney also denied the report.

The current president, Robert Zoellick, got the job after his predecessor, Paul Wolfowitz, was forced out in the wake of a scandal involving a relationship with his subordinate. Zoellick’s current term ends in 2012.

Clinton has already announced that she is not interested in staying at State should President Obama win re-election. John Kerry is supposedly being considered as Clinton’s replacement at State.

Reuters reports:

“Hillary Clinton wants the job,” said one source who knows the secretary well.

A second source also said Clinton wants the position.

A third source said Obama has already expressed support for the change in her role. It is unclear whether Obama has formally agreed to nominate her for the post, which would require approval by the 187 member countries of the World Bank.

Former President Bill Clinton was considered for the post in 2005 and in 2007.

Meanwhile, developing countries may have other ideas.

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