Here’s the unglamorous job Hillary Clinton was fired from before she was famous

Hillary Clinton Today show
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on ‘Today.’ ‘Today’ show

Before heading to Yale, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she was fired from her brief stint at a salmon cannery in Valdez, Alaska.

The former New York Senator recounted on the “Today” show Monday that after graduating from Wellesley College, she and some friends worked their way across Alaska washing dishes, and she eventually wound up working in a fishery scooping out salmon guts.

“I was given a spoon and some boots and I was told to take out the insides of the salmon,” she said.

Clinton didn’t last long in that role, however, noting that the Japanese workers who were taking out the caviar yelled at her for working too slowly. “So they literally kicked me out of that job,” Clinton said.

She says they then placed her on the line packing the salmon head to tail. But when she noticed the salmon were “green and black — they looked horrible” and a peculiar stench, she questioned the man running the operation about the salmon’s quality.

She says he responded by telling her to just do the job and not ask any questions.

“When I left, I came back the next day and the whole operation was gone,” Clinton said. “So I think that was the equivalent of getting fired.”  

During a previous interview on Letterman in 2007, Clinton called her stint at the cannery her “favourite summer job of all time,” noting its role in her future success: “Best preparation for being in Washington that you can imagine,” she said.

Watch the Today show interview below: