Hillary Clinton heckled, jeered by small group of protesters during DNC speech

Hillary Clinton was heckled and booed by a small handful of individuals Thursday night as she delivered her primetime address at the Democratic National Convention formally accepting the party’s nomination for president.

Here’s a look at what was happening on the scene in Philadelphia:

Hillary hecklers escorted out of arena #DemConvention #DemsInPhilly @BBCNewsUS pic.twitter.com/P4ANgplwPc
— Suzanne Kianpour (@KianpourWorld) July 29, 2016

According to reporters at the scene,┬áthe crowd responded to hecklers by drowning out the individuals and chanting, “Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!”

The boos and heckles likely came from supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a vocal group of progressives who feel that Clinton unfairly used the Democratic Party apparatus on her way to a primary victory.

Clinton became the first woman to accept a major US political party’s nomination for president Thursday night. She will face off with Republican nominee Donald Trump in the general election.

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