Hillary Clinton's campaign has hit a new high water mark

Hillary clintonJoe Raedle/Getty ImagesHillary Clinton at a campaign event in Florida.

Hillary Clinton’s support hit a new high threshold this week.

In a series of national polls following the Democratic National Convention, Clinton garnered over 50% support, the highest her level in months and slightly above her recent polling averages.

An NBC/YouGov online survey of likely voters found Clinton leading Donald Trump 51% to 41%, while a Monmouth University poll found Clinton with 50% support to Trump’s 37% support among likely voters.

Part of Trump’s weakness in recent surveys is due to his inability to woo some traditionally solid red demographic groups like college educated white women. While former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won the group in the 2012 presidential election, both polls this week found Trump trailing by over 24-points.

Still, both Clinton and Trump remain deeply unpopular with many voters. Monday’s Monmouth poll found that just 26% of voters had a favourable view of the Republican presidential nominee compared to 61% who had an unfavorable opinion. Clinton registered 37% favorability to 49% unfavorable.

For his part, Trump is attempting to change the subject and boost his poll number after weeks-long poll slump following the DNC. The real-estate magnate delivered a lengthy speech on Monday highlighting his economic plan, making no mention of recent high-profile spats with veterans families and other Republican elected officials.

Clinton’s campaign is openly attempting to keep supporters and donors anxious. The campaign recently highlighted Trump’s massive July fundraising haul, and assured many that the polls will tighten in coming weeks as the general election nears.

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