21 Photos That Prove Hillary Clinton Is A Total Badass

Hillary Clinton dancing

Photo: AP/Jacquelin Martin

After spending 20 years as a creature of Washington, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hit her stride off of the campaign trail this year as the top diplomat of the Obama administration. In 2012 alone, Clinton has traveled to 42 countries, navigating the fast-changing geopolitical landscape with dexterity and a rockstar attitude. The former First Lady has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity this year, with her favorability rating hitting a historic high after her unforgettable Conga line in Cartagena and the emergence of the “Texts From Hillary” Tumblr. 

But the truth is Clinton has always been kind of rad. And we have the pictures to prove it. 

She knows how to party.

She can really dance.

She has a mean wink.

Clinton winked at a committee member when she testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in May 2012.

A store is named after her. When Clinton visited Kosovo in 2010, a local store changed its name in her honour.

She'll wear a scrunchie while talking to the Tunisian Foreign Minister.

She doesn't hold her own umbrella.

She has totally mastered the walk-and-talk.


She would never fire Big Bird.

She knows the power of a great blowout.

Kids love her.

She has a great signature face.


She skips baggage claim.

She was in the room.

She's tough.

She's got Elton John's ear.

And Oprah's. And Kofi Annan's.

She's got Bill in her corner.

She's got a huge fan base.

She breaks records. In June 2012, she visited her 100th country as Secretary of State — Latvia.

Hillary Clinton is one of the Most Impressive People of 2012. Now see who else made the list.

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