Here’s where Hillary Clinton stands on marijuana legalization

Hillary marijuana
Hillary Clinton on marijuana legalization. BI Graphics

Marijuana legalization has been a hot-button issue this election cycle.

On Election Day, it will appear on the ballot in nine states.

Recreational marijuana is currently legal in four states, and 24 states have varying forms of medical marijuana laws on the books.

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, has said that she will support states that are “moving towards” both recreational and medical marijuana legalization.

She has also called for moving marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II — a move the DEA declined to make in August — which would free up scientists and policymakers to access marijuana for further research.

“There’s some great evidence about what marijuana can do for people who are in cancer treatment, who have other kind of chronic diseases, who are suffering from intense pain,” Clinton told Jimmy Kimmel in March. “There’s great, great anecdotal evidence but I want us to start doing the research


Clinton, however, is still measured in her support for recreational marijuana. She’s said that she doesn’t want the federal government to “interfere” with states like Colorado that have chosen to legalise recreational marijuana, and said that she wants to learn “what works and what doesn’t work.”

Clinton’s campaign, like Trump’s, hasn’t taken an official stance on marijuana. The Marijuana Policy Project gives Clinton a “B+” on the issue.

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