IT'S OFFICIAL: Hillary Clinton nominated as first major-party female presidential candidate

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday became the first woman to be nominated as the presidential candidate of a major US political party.

The former secretary of state and former US senator was formally nominated for president by the Democratic Party at its national convention in Philadelphia.

She will lead the party in a general-election matchup with Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Clinton had been the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party since she defeated her chief rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, in the California primary in June.

Sanders, in a show of unity, moved for the convention to nominate Clinton by a voice vote at the end of the state-by-state roll-call proceedings.

Clinton’s formal nomination came amid a hacking scandal that compromised thousands of Democratic National Committee emails.

Correspondence between top Democratic officials was published by WikiLeaks and showed that the party apparatus was used to tip the scales in favour of Clinton and against Sanders, deepening an existing divide between the two camps as the DNC got underway.

On Monday, Sanders aimed to unite the party, delivering a strong endorsement of Clinton during a prime-time address before the Philadelphia convention on Monday night.

Clinton is scheduled to formally accept the Democratic nomination when she addresses delegates at the convention on Thursday night. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, will speak on Tuesday evening.

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