The Script For The Hillary Clinton Biopic Has Leaked, And It Is Very Sexy

bill and hillary clinton

The Daily Beast has obtained the screenplay for “Rodham,” a new biopic that centres on Hillary Clinton in her 20s and made the 2012 Black List of the top 10 unproduced scripts in Hollywood.

Filming hasn’t started yet, but the movie is already getting a lot of buzz. The Daily Beast has published a breakdown of some of the script’s juiciest parts:

  • Hillary is described as having an “awful haircut,” wearing a “hideous pair of Coke-bottle glasses” and being “the valedictorian of the ‘look-like-shit school of feminism.'” Bill is called a “Viking” with a “full mane” and “six-inch beard.”
  • Bill’s go-to pick-up line (that he’s shown using on a waitress): The watermelons in Hope, Ark., are the “firmest, juiciest melons” he’s ever seen.
  • Hillary thinks Bill is just “using her for her D.C. apartment.”
  • In one scene, they “devour each other” at Hillary’s apartment (and Bill “buries his head into her cleavage”).
  • Hillary was also a bit flirtatious — she attracts the attention of Republican William Weld and almost kisses him on a rooftop (before she’s interrupted by a call from Bill).
  • Hillary swears a lot.
  • Bill’s mother doesn’t like Hillary because she can’t cook.
The movie doesn’t have an official release date yet, but the film’s director, James Ponsoldt, told Politico that he wants it to be released in 2016 or sooner, although he added that “the timing has nothing to do with presidential election cycles.

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