Hillary Clinton has a solid lead over Donald Trump in a series of new key polls

Hillary clintonAlex Wong/Getty ImagesHillary Clinton campaigns in Virginia.

Hillary Clinton is ahead of Donald Trump in a series of new polls, but her lead may be shrinking slightly.

Several major national polls of registered voters released on Sunday found the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee with a lead over Trump, but one poll showed Clinton down several points from last month.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll of registered voters found Clinton with a 5-point edge over Trump, identical to the findings in an NBC/WSJ national poll conducted last month.

A CNN/ORC poll had the former secretary of state up two points from June, garnering 49% support to Trump’s 42% support among registered voters nationally.

But a new Washington Post/ABC survey showed Clinton down 8 points from her lead just a month ago, with 47% support among registered voters to Trump’s 43% support.

In that poll, Libertarian party candidate Gary Johnson picked up 13% of support in a matchup against Clinton, Trump, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, slightly higher than in the NBC/WSJ poll and the WaPo/ABC poll.

Some attribute Clinton’s slight dip to FBI Director James Comey’s criticism of her handling of classified information while serving as secretary of state, which the director characterised as “extremely careless.”

According to Sunday’s WaPo/ABC poll, 72% of registered voters believed Clinton was “too willing to bend the rules,” while 50% of survey respondents told NBC/WSJ pollsters that the FBI’s investigation demonstrated Clinton may not have the judgment to be president, a popular attack that Trump has used against Clinton.

Still, the polls found that while voters appear concerned with Clinton’s email practices, they’re slightly more un-attracted to a Trump presidency.

According to Sunday’s NBC/WSJ poll, 27% of voters viewed the presumptive nominee positively, compared to 60% who viewed him negatively. That was up slightly from Clinton’s favourable ratings: 34% of respondents said they viewed the former secretary of state positively compared to 56% who said they viewed her negatively.

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