New polls show Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump virtually tied in several key swing states

A new set of polls found Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton running neck and neck in several key swing states ahead of a likely general-election matchup.

Quinnipiac University released three new surveys Tuesday that showed the presumptive Republican presidential nominee virtually tied with Clinton in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, three states viewed as crucial in racking up the number of electoral-college votes needed to secure the presidency.

According to Quinnipiac, the former secretary of state led Trump by just a single point in Florida and Pennsylvania. And the university’s poll of likely Ohio voters found Trump leading in Ohio, 43% to 39%.

“Six months from Election Day, the presidential races between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the three most crucial states, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, are too close to call,” Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac Poll, said in a statement.

Some experts and observers, however, cautioned against reading too much into the polls. Most other recent state polls of the three states have found Clinton with a healthy lead over Trump in head-to-head matchups.

“Outlier,” Princeton University professor and polling expert Sam Wang told Business Insider in an email of the Quinnipiac surveys.

Wang noted that while state polls could take a snapshot of the race at this moment, they’re subject to change once the general election begins in earnest.

“I think state polls have similar usefulness as national polls — could move a lot by November, but give us some information. All of these polls could move 10 points by November,” Wang said. “If election were today, I am certain Clinton would win, including Ohio.”

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