Hillary Clinton's lead over Donald Trump just got a lot smaller in a new poll

Hillary clintonJessica Kourkounis/Getty ImagesHillary Clinton in Atlantic City.

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump has narrowed significantly over the past several weeks.

A new NBC/SurveyMonkey poll released Tuesday found Clinton’s lead over presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had shrunk to just 3 points.

A similar NBC tracking poll released last week showed Clinton with a 5-point lead over Trump among registered voters. And Clinton’s lead has tumbled from an 8-point advantage two weeks ago.

Tuesday’s release comes after one of Clinton’s toughest weeks of the campaign.

Last Monday, FBI Director James Comey criticised Clinton for her email practices as secretary of state. He said that while the FBI would not recommend any charges against Clinton for her use of private email servers, the practices of her and some of her closest associates were “extremely careless.”

Tuesday’s poll showed that many of Clinton’s own supporters were troubled by the finding: 70% of self-described Clinton supporters said that her email conduct was “inappropriate.”

Still, the poll also noted that it was unclear whether Trump benefited from survey respondents’ disapproval of Clinton’s email practices. Trump’s unfavorable rating remained at 62%, while Clinton’s hovered around 60%, largely unchanged since May.

Clinton also leads Trump in many battleground states, according to recent polls.

A recent set of Ballotpedia polls of swing-state voters showed Clinton leading Trump by significant margins in Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, and Virginia, all states that could help either candidate get closer to winning the 270 electoral college votes needed to clinch the presidency.

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