Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump respond to police shootings in North Carolina and Oklahoma

Clinton trump splitBrennan Linsley and Chris Carlson for AP PhotoHillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Both major party presidential nominees responded Wednesday morning to recent police-involved shootings of black men in North Carolina and Oklahoma.

First to respond on Twitter was Republican nominee Donald Trump, who posted that he thought the shootings in both Tulsa, Oklahoma and Charlotte, North Carolina were “tragic.”

“The situations in Tulsa and Charlotte are tragic,” he wrote. “We must come together to make America safe again.”

“Hopefully the violence & unrest in Charlotte will come to an immediate end,” he continued, making mention of the riots that ensued in the city last night, leading to 16 police officers being injured. “To those injured, get well soon. We need unity & leadership.”

Shortly after, Democratic nominee posted to Twitter that “this has got to end.”

“Keith Lamont Scott. Terence Crutcher. Too many others,” she posted to Twitter, naming the black men who were shot in each incident. “This has got to end.”

Crutcher, who was unarmed and shown on video to have his hands up in the air, was shot and killed by police earlier this week in Tulsa as he approached his vehicle.

Police said that Crutcher placed his hands back into his pockets as he approached the car, and the responding officer thought he was armed. A police officer approached him as she was responding to another 911 call, thinking that he was impaired in the middle of a road.

Scott was sitting in his car on Tuesday when approached by officers who were searching for another individual with outstanding warrants, police said. Scott, who police say had a gun, refused to drop his firearm before he was fatally shot by a black officer, authorities added.

Scott’s family said he was unarmed and disabled and had been reading a book. Police said they recovered a gun on the scene and found no book. No footage of the incident has been released as of Wednesday morning.

Scott’s death lead to a night of violence in Charlotte. Peaceful protests followed Crutcher’s death.

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