Hillary Clinton responds to Donald Trump's 'cofounder' of ISIS comment: 'It's crazy'

Hillary Clinton went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday night and the Democratic presidential nominee addressed a number of topics with the late-night host. But one that stood out was when Kimmel brought up Republican nominee Donald Trump’s remarks that Clinton is the “cofounder,” along with President Barack Obama, of the terrorist group ISIS.

“That was one of the crazier things that has been said in this campaign,” Clinton responded.

Asked if the “cofounder” comment upsets her, she said, “I don’t get upset anymore, because I’d be upset all the time. So I don’t get upset. I think it’s crazy. But then I think, ‘This is like giving aid and comfort to the bad guys.'”

Clinton elaborated on why she thinks Trump’s ISIS talk is actually dangerous.

“There’s enough evidence now that when Trump talks the way he talks it actually helps the terrorists because they make a case, as they made with this comment,” she told Kimmel. “So I think it’s crazy but I think it’s also harmful.”

Kimmel also wondered how she can prepare for the unorthodox style of Trump when they meet one another for debates.

“I want to take it seriously, I want to talk about what we can do and how important it is but you’ve got to be prepared for wacky stuff that comes at you,” Clinton said. “I’m drawing on my experience in elementary school.”

Watch Clinton talk about these topics in the clip below:

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