HILLARY CLINTON: Donald Trump is not qualified to be president

Hillary ClintonScreenshot/CNNHillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton told CNN’s Chris Cuomo during an interview on Thursday that Donald Trump is not qualified to be president.

“I have concluded he is not qualified to be president,” Clinton said.

The Democratic frontrunner chastised Trump for “attacking” Great Britain, saying that he would be willing to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, threatening to pull out of NATO, and considering greater nuclear proliferation.

“The kinds of positions he is stating and the consequences of those positions and even the consequences of his statements are not only offensive to people but are potentially dangerous,” she said.

Clinton added a comment she’s said before about how Trump is now used “to essentially be a recruiter for more people to be to join the cause of terrorism.” 

Watch Clinton’s remarks below:


Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump is not qualified to be president https://t.co/5tA1ZpK1Tb https://t.co/2iGeGjaCkK
— CNN (@CNN) May 19, 2016


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