New electoral map projection shows a big lead for Hillary Clinton -- but it's shrinking

An electoral college projection released by Morning Consult on Thursday showed Hillary Clinton with a large lead, but also left reason to be concerned.

In its latest projection, Clinton held a 320 to 212 lead over presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

One state, Iowa, was a dead heat, and Morning Consult excluded its six electoral college votes.

The pivotal swing state of Ohio, however, went from Clinton’s control to leaning toward Trump. She also saw her leads shrink in Wisconsin and New Hampshire in addition to losing her lead entirely in Iowa.

Trump solidified his standing in Indiana — the state that’s home to the man widely expected to be his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

Clinton did make gains elsewhere, taking control of Georgia from Trump and increasing her lead in Nevada.

When every state considered close enough to be a toss-up was removed, Clinton’s lead over Trump went from 320- 212 to 225 – 190.

Clinton has received subpar polling news elsewhere recently, watching her lead evaporate in the CBS News/New York Times poll and having a series of battleground polls showed tight races with the Manhattan billionaire.

Morning Consult’s data used data from more than 57,000 registered voters since April.

Here’s the Morning Consult map:

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