Hillary Clinton is about to deliver a scathing assessment of Donald Trump's Atlantic City empire

Hillary Clinton is set to roil Donald Trump over the Manhattan billionaire’s handling of his Atlantic City business ventures as part of a Wednesday speech from the resort city’s famed boardwalk.

The speech, scheduled for 12:15 p.m. ET, is set to highlight why Trump is “unfit to serve as president based on the wake of destruction his business dealings have left in the seaside town and for businesses and families across the country,” according to a Clinton campaign release.

Clinton will focus on his businesses’ multiple bankruptcies and will point to the presumptive Republican nominee’s prior statement that he’ll “do for the country what I did for my business,” the Clinton campaign said.

Early Wednesday, Clinton’s campaign released a video titled, “Who got hurt?” The video made mention of a number of allegations and reports that Trump defrauded contractors and construction workers of millions of dollars.

Last month, a New York Times investigation delved into how the tumultuous history of Trump’s casino empire, detailing how many of his former properties are now in new hands. Trump acknowledged to the Times that large debt and low revenues plagued his Atlantic City casinos.

“Atlantic City fuelled a lot of growth for me,” Trump told the Times in May. “The money I took out of there was incredible.”

Ahead of Clinton’s Wednesday speech, Trump took to Twitter to defend his business ventures in the city.

“I made a lot of money in Atlantic City and left 7 years ago, great timing (as all know),” Trump posted. “Pols made big mistakes, now many bankruptcies.”

He said Clinton should ask Atlantic City’s Democratic politicians why they “made all the wrong moves” and “destroyed City.”

“Even the once great Caesars is bankrupt in A.C. Others to follow,” he wrote. “Ask the Democrat City Council what happened to Atlantic City.”

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