Hillary Clinton was asked about Donald Trump -- she just scoffed and shook her head

Screen Shot 2015 10 02 at 8.02.00 AMMSNBC/screengrabHillary Clinton reacts to Donald Trump’s name.

In an interview that aired Friday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked to react to “two words”: Donald Trump.

Speaking with the Rev. Al Sharpton, Clinton initially appeared flabbergasted in how she would describe the Republican presidential front-runner.

“Ugh. Agh. You know, Rev. Al, he has been stoking prejudice and paranoia. He’s been really appealing to the worst instincts of human nature,” Clinton said.¬†“I think it’s dangerous. His demagoguery is no longer amusing.”

Sharpton interjected to remind Clinton that Trump had recently¬†called her “shrill.” (A Clinton campaign aide labelled the term sexist.)

“He’s called me a lot of things — now that he’s running against me. Before, he called me a great senator and a great secretary of state. That’s what a demagogue does, right? They say whatever they need to say to try and stir up the passions of people,” she said.

The exchange was part of a pre-taped interview set to air in full on Sharpton’s new MSNBC Sunday show, “Politics Nation.” A preview of it aired on “Morning Joe” Friday.

Trump subsequently responded to the preview on “Morning Joe.” He pointed out that Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, also used to say nice things about him and suggested that the rigors of the campaign trail had changed their relationship.

“She used to call me a genius. I’ve come a long way down, I guess. She was always very nice and everything. But I guess it’s a different world today. And she’s got problems. I would always be nice because I was a businessman, a very successful person, and I was nice to everybody,” he said.

“I’m a little surprised at her tone, but that’s OK,” he continued. “She’s been surprised at my tone also.”¬†

Watch Clinton discuss Trump with Sharpton below:

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