Hillary Clinton Demands A 'Presidential Suite' For Speaking Engagements

Presidential suite hillaryscreenshot via ScribdHillary Clinton speaking contract details.

Hillary Clinton’s speaking contracts apparently include even more demands than previously reported.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Saturday evening that Clinton’s expectations for speaking at a University of Nevada, Las Vegas Foundation fundraiser included “a presidential suite” for her and “up to three (3) adjoining or contiguous single rooms” for her staff.

The Democratic presidential front-runner’s “standard travel expenses” also included a chartered aeroplane, which should be “Gulfstream 450 or larger jet,” according to the paper’s information request concerning her UNLV appearance this October.

Clinton’s speaking agency further expected “all ground transportation” to be covered, as well as “all phone charges/cell phones and meals during their stay.”

Clinton, a secretary of state, senator, and first lady, is well-known for her speaking engagements, which are said to command fees north of $US200,000. Her staff has previously touted that she donates the money to the Clinton Foundation and that she also gives free speeches.

The high speaking fees have nevertheless drawn significant criticism as Clinton ponders a 2016 campaign for the White House. In June, UNLV student leaders called on her to return the “outrageous” $US225,000 she will receive for the event.

The Review-Journal report also includes many of Clinton’s other demands, which Business Insider has previously highlighted in her contract for speaking at the University of Buffalo. Among other things, Clinton’s agency expects the press to have very limited access to her events and no video recordings of her speech.

“It is understood and agreed that recording the Speaker’s remarks for any purpose, including by the Sponsor is not permitted. The lecture may not be broadcast, webcast, simulcast or otherwise reproduced. If necessary, the Sponsor may … project Speaker’s image on screens placed within the event room, with the understanding that the Speaker’s remarks and image are not recorded as a result,” the contract said.

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