20 Photos That Prove Hillary Clinton Is A Total Badass

hillary clinton africa

Photo: AP

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton let loose on the dance floor at a state dinner in South Africa Tuesday night, shoring up her reputation as the country’s wildest ex-First Lady and sparking a fresh round of 2016 hopes among her growing fan club. Clinton has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity this year, with her favorability rating hitting a historic 20-year high after her unforgettable Conga line in Cartagena and the emergence of the “Texts From Hillary” Tumblr this April. 

The truth is, Clinton has always been kind of rad. Here are 20 pictures that show why she’s a total badass. 

Because she can really dance.

Because she can wink. Clinton winked at a committee member when she testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in May 2012.

Because a store is named after her. On a visit to Kosovo, a local store changed its name in her honour in October 2010.

Because she can wear a scrunchie while talking to the Tunisian Foreign Minister.

Because she doesn't hold her own umbrella.

Because she commands complete attention even while strolling.

Because she's friends with Big Bird.

Because she threw out a first pitch at a Chicago Cubs game.

Because she always makes this face. In Hungary...

...And in Park Ridge, Ill., when bonding with old classmates.

Because she skips baggage claim.

Because she was in the room.

Because you better not make her mad. (This was before an interview with The Associated Press.)

Because she's got Elton John's ear.

And Oprah's. And Kofi Annan's.

Because she was the First Lady and ran for president, like her husband, Bill.

Because she inspired these signs at an Arkansas Democratic Party event in 2007.

Because she breaks records. In June 2012, she visited her 100th country as Secretary of State — Latvia.

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