Watch Hillary Clinton threaten to 'go after' one of the most controversial drug companies in America

At a town hall meeting last night, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton vowed to “go after,” Valeant Pharmaceuticals, after a woman handed her a note about her diabetes medication.

The note said that 10 vials of a Valeant made drug that cost her $180 back in the 1980s, now cost her $14,729.99.

Valeant, a $40 billion firm, has been under intense government scrutiny for its drug pricing practices since last fall. Then in October, it became the bane of Wall Street when accusations of fraudulent activity from a short seller started a fire-sale that sent the stock down almost 70% for the year.

The company’s new CEO, Howard Schiller, is slated to testify before Congress about Valeant’s drug pricing practices next week, along with Martin Shkreli.

Written by Linette Lopez

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