Hillary Clinton said she has 'no interest' in making negative attacks on her top rival

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) has surged in polls of the Democratic presidential primary, but front-runner Hillary Clinton said she has no plans to launch attack ads against him.

Clinton made the comment on CBS’ “Face The Nation” Sunday when she was asked about Sanders’ vow not to go negative in their race. She initially dodged the question and simply said she hoped the race would be “about ideas and about policies.”

“I know Bernie. I respect his enthusiastic and intense advocacy of his ideas. That’s what I want this campaign to be about. And I hope people who support me respect that, because this is a serious election,” Clinton said.

“I obviously am running because I think it’s better for the country if a Democrat who has the kind of approaches and values that my husband had and Barack Obama has follows this presidency,” she added.

“Face The Nation” host John Dickerson followed up and asked whether that meant Clinton was pledging not to run negative ads.

“Can I mark that down as a yes?” he said.

“Yes,” Clinton said.

“You will pledge not to?” Dickerson asked.

“Well, I have no — no interest in doing that,” said Clinton.

In a June interview with MSNBC, Sanders said he would have an “issues-oriented campaign” that would not include personal attacks.

“I’ve never run a negative ad in my life. I don’t intend to do that,” said Sanders.

Though Clinton has not yet attacked Sanders, Correct The Record, one of the outside super PACs backing her candidacy, went after him last week. Correct The Record sent an email to reporters linking Sanders to two controversial left-wing politicians: newly minted UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn and the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

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