Hillary Clinton argues why she can beat Donald Trump: ‘I have more votes than he does’

Hillary clinton the view abc
Hillary Clinton, left, appears on ‘The View’ with cohosts Joy Behar and Paula Faris. ABC/Lou Rocco

Hillary Clinton appeared on ABC’s “The View” for the first time in this presidential primary election and explained why everyone, not just women, should fear a Donald Trump presidential run.

In light of Trump’s recent troubles with female voters, cohost Joy Behar asked the Democratic frontrunner what she thinks would happen to women under a Trump presidency.

To illustrate how Trump has “insulted everyone,” Clinton recounted what he had said on the day he announced his presidential run and offended Hispanic voters and immigrants; his statements regarding Muslims and terrorism; his declaration that John McCain, a former POW, is not a war hero; and his bitter, ongoing attacks on Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

“I just don’t understand what he thinks is the role of somebody running for president,” Clinton said. “I don’t think it is to scapegoat people, divide people, engage in this kind of prejudice and paranoia. So it’s not only women and we who should be concerned, it’s everybody, because of the way that he conducts himself. I reject it.” 

Yet despite all the groups Trump has insulted, Behar pointed out that there are still a lot of people who support him. In response, Clinton offered a different look at the numbers.

“He does have a lot of people who are voting in the Republican primary,” she answered. “But I have more votes than he does. I have a million more votes than Donald Trump. So I don’t think the vast majority of Americans, let’s hope, want to reward that kind of behaviour and that sort of hateful rhetoric.”

Clinton may be right about her ability to beat the real-estate mogul. According to a recent Bloomberg News poll, Clinton would win by a landslide in a head-to-head national election against Trump.

Watch Clinton on “The View” below:

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