Let's Start The Speculation About Hillary Clinton And Andrew Cuomo In 2016

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Just in case you can’t get enough 2012 election coverage, some pollsters have already begun the speculation about the 2016 presidential race. The early favourite on the Democratic ticket? In Iowa and New York, it’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Two separate polls this week — a Quinnipiac poll of New York and a Public Policy Polling survey of Iowa — gave Hillary the nod over New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Vice President Joe Biden, two other candidates frequently mentioned for a potential 2016 run. 

Even though they overwhelmingly approve of Cuomo, New Yorkers think Clinton would make a better president — 54 per cent to 30 per cent. But Cuomo’s 69 to 19 per cent approval rating just among Republicans is much better than the overall approval rating for any governor in the other six states Quinnipiac frequently surveys — Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. 

But more significantly, PPP’s Iowa results show that if Clinton wants to run, she’ll have a great shot. Iowa Democrats pick Clinton beat Biden 60 per cent to 18 per cent. Cuomo and Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren only garnered 3 per cent of the vote each. 

PPP’s Tom Jensen wrote that at this point, Clinton is an unusually heavy frontrunner:

Hillary would be a field clearer of the sort you don’t usually see unless there is an incumbent president or vice president running, and that is particularly true on the Democratic side. But absent her, the race will be up for grabs by any number of candidates who will all start out with little name ID. Biden’s advantage now may not be as strong if he does actually choose to run.

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