17 hilarious e-book covers people have actually submitted on Amazon

Some people should be
very grateful that everyone knows the old saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.”

The genius behind the Tumblr blog Kindle Cover Disasters has collected and curated a bunch of the most hilariously awful Kindle cover art on Amazon.com.

Although he asked to remain anonymous, he told Business Insider that what started as shock and disbelief at the range of bad artwork turned into a deep appreciation.

Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.

'As a reader with an appreciation for indie publishing, I've strayed into some pretty murky parts of Amazon,' the blog's creator told Business Insider.

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He started filling a folder with the 'most deranged and poorly conceived covers' and then decide to turn his findings into a blog.

'At first I was just agog at how many terrible covers there were out there, but the deeper I delved and the more I saw, the greater my appreciation became.'

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'Most are just plain bad -- the artistic backwash of cottage authors with a can-do attitude and absolutely zero design experience.'

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Others, he says, are purposefully bad, especially those in the erotica sub-genre (there are a bunch more erotic gems on the site, some of the best of which are NSFW, so we didn't want to show them here).

'Say what you like about the design quality of Texting Mr. Right, but it's a cover that will stick with you a lot longer than most of its Romance contemporaries. Certainly the sexually suggestive lighthouse will.'

Futuristic-themed books also make a lot of appearances. 'How could you not call this book 'Back to der F├╝hrer?'' the blogger quips.

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One author told the blog creator that after his cover was posted, he saw a nice boost in sales. 'That made me happy. I wonder if that's true across the board. I hope so.'

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These ones have a similar copy-and-paste vibe going on.

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'I've received some really nice fan mail, not that I'm all that deserving of it,' the blog author told us.

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'The praise belongs to the dreamweavers out there with their never say die spirits and their Photoshop magic. Shine on, you crazy diamonds. Shine on.'

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Now for another look at Amazon's stranger side...

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