Highway Bridge Collapses After Two Trains Collide In Missouri

At about 2:30 a.m. Saturday two trains collided in Rockview, Missouri and struck a two-lane overpass support pillar, taking down the highway along with several cars.

“One train T-boned the other one and caused it to derail, and the derailed train hit a pillar which caused the overpass to collapse,” said Sheriff’s dispatcher Clay Slipis.

Seven people were reported injured after the Union Pacific and Burlington North trains hit, but none severely, and many have already been discharged from the hospital.

Two Union Pacific employees – the conductor and the locomotive engineer – were pulled from the wreckage and transported to a Cape Girardeau hospital, according to Union Pacific spokesperson Calli HIte.

Just last week a train in Connecticut derailed and struck another train, injuring more than 70 people. And on Thursday, a bridge collapsed in Washington state after a truck collision, with two cars falling into the Skagit River. Three people were pulled from the ice-cold water. 

Here’s footage of the Missouri train crash via News 4:

This story was originally published by GlobalPost.

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