25 Things We Learned From SEAL Book 'No Easy Day'

Night Vision

Photo: ISAF Media via Flickr

Former SEAL Team 6 operative Matt Bissonnette’s book on the Bin Laden raid, No Easy Day, came out Tuesday and we’ve read the whole thing.The 300-page book contains few major revelations, but it is an engaging read full of details we hadn’t heard before.

Bissonnette first learned of the possible bin Laden raid from a landscape guy he shared with his boss

Officials decided the operation would have Native American themed code words

The bin Laden compound was beneath a helicopter flight path so Team 6's arrival would not cause much of a stir

SEAL Team 6 did a mock-up raid in front of VIPs before getting White House approval

Most SEALs felt certain Obama would take credit for the raid

Team 6 expected the Abbottabad raid to be a wild goose chase like 2007

Sneakers worn by Taliban fighters often helped SEALs decide who to shoot

Bissonnette details a specific way to place a door charge

Glow sticks invisible to the naked eye were used in the bin Laden raid to communicate among Team 6 members

Team 6 had $65,000 night vision goggles far superior to what normal troops wear

Matt Bissonnette truly thought he was going to die when that chopper went down inside the compound

Bin Laden was shot in the head and his death was not pretty

Bissonnette measured his words carefully as the President listened in on the whole raid

Bin Laden was was dying his beard

The team sat on bin Laden's body during the ride back to Afghanistan

Each helicopter carried DNA samples in case one was captured or killed

This is the guy credited with making the first official announcement

Bissonnette says nobody on the team was a big fan of Obama

The author had a hard time seeing images of the raid on TV

The team was supposed to sign a US flag for the president but some scribbled fake names

The CIA gave Team 6 syringes to pull bin Laden's bone marrow for further DNA testing

Obama invited the whole team for a beer and never followed up

'We never got the call to have a beer at the White House. I remember I brought it up a few months later to Walt. we'd just come back from the range and we were walking back to the team room.

'Hey, did you ever hear anything about that beer?' I asked.

Walt's smirk was back.

You believed that shit,' he said. 'I bet you voted for change too, sucker.'

From No Easy Day by 'Mark Owen'.

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