Here's Highlight, The iPhone App Everyone In Silicon Valley Is Going Nuts For Right Now


The latest app to catch the attention of the tech elite is Highlight, one of the newest efforts backed by Michael Arrington’s CrunchFund and other big-name investors.

It’s built on a super-simple premise: leave Highlight running while you’re out and about and it will tell you when your friends are nearby.

At this point, you can message each other to try to meet up and  build a little serendipity into your life in the process.

We were less than wowed by the app. Many services have come before Highlight that filled exactly the same space — consider Gowalla, Loopt, and Google Latitude, each one failing to work its way into the mainstream consciousness.

Then there’s Foursquare, the most successful location-sharing app out there. Foursquare is a lot deeper than Highlight. It still lets you keep track of where your friends are, with the added benefit of rewards and the ability to discover popular venues.

But for all we know, Highlight’s simplicity may catch on. It’s a free download in the App Store. Keep reading to see how it works.

When you first start the app, it gives you a quick breakdown on what it's for

A simple premise -- always know when your friends are nearby

You'll obviously need to enable location services for this one

This isn't an app you keep running all the time -- close it and let it work in the background

And look at that -- Tools editor Steve Kovach is nearby

Here's what Steve sees when I'm nearby

Users can message each once the app connects them

The app keeps track of who you've been nearby recently

And here's what your profile looks like -- it pulls all the data from Facebook

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