There are plenty of non-technical jobs at the biggest tech companies — here are the 10 highest-paying non-technical jobs, according to Glassdoor

You might be surprised to learn that almost half of the jobs at tech companies aren’t tech-related at all.

According to a Glassdoor report, 43% of the jobs currently being hired in tech companies are non-tech roles. However, the composition of tech vs. non-tech roles varies by company, as shown in the graph depicting the percentage of tech openings below.

Tech and non-tech rolesGlassdoor

Here’s a list of the average salaries of the 10 highest-paying non-technical jobs in the world of tech, according to Glassdoor data:

10. Commodity manager: $US116,800

A commodity manager generally maintains relationships with suppliers, oversees the supply chain, and deals with supply contracts.

9. Finance manager: $US117,200


A finance manager controls the financial operations within a company, usually including payroll, transactions, and other purchases. In general, they’re responsible for portions of the company’s accounting.

8. Management consultant: $US118,500 Business Images

A management consultant will work with both clients and project management teams, and will help oversee internal projects.

7. Business process consultant: $US120,200

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A business process consultant will consult with both internal and external teams to make sure that everyone is working as efficiently as they can be.

6. Product marketing manager: $US123,000

AMC Television

A product marketing manager helps guide the company’s strategy, making sure that the product and the market match up to everybody’s benefit.

5. Strategy consultant: $US136,300

A strategy consultant will assess potential risks, assess the market, and generally come up with plans to make sure tha the company succeeds.

4. Legal counsel: $US144,200


Legal counsel is crucial for any business – a team of legal experts is necessary to draft contracts, review deals, and make sure that the company is staying on the right side of labour and employment laws or other regulations.

3. Corporate counsel: $US147,500

Stacey Newman/Shutterstock

Corporate counsel is a little higher up the ladder than legal counsel. This is where you might get involved in strategy, mergers and acquisitions, or helping secure financing for the company.

2. Managing partner: $US175,000

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

A managing partner is a senior management role, defined by Glassdoor as an executive who helps oversee partnerships between a company and its corporate allies.

1. General counsel: $US207,800

Zolnierek/The ConversationWeighing up restorative justice.

General counsel, sometimes also called the chief legal officer, is the highest-ranking lawyer at a company. The general counsel sets the company’s legal strategy, which can include choosing litigation to pursue, big changes to employment contracts, and other important matters.

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