13 high-paying jobs at companies people love working for

GlassdoorYou could earn $US100,000 a year or more at some of the best places to work in 2018.

What could be better than working at a company beloved by its employees?

How about getting paid a lot of money to do it?

If this sounds like a dream you want to turn into reality, then Glassdoor is here to help.

The jobs and recruiting site, which recently scanned its massive database of company reviews and ratings from current and former employees to find the 50 best places to work this year across the US, has released a new report featuring a sample of the highest-paying jobs at these companies.

Here are 13 jobs that could pay $US100,000 a year or more at some of the best places to work in 2018, counting down with the Best Companies ranking:

Siri quality engineer core client at Apple

Jack Taylor/Getty

Median base salary:$US99,000 to $US137,000

Company best places to work ranking: No. 84

Job description:

· Play a part in ensuring the quality of groundbreaking technology for large scale systems, natural language, big data, and artificial intelligence.

· Interact with various teams of cross functional engineering and project management to help identify issues, test features, and drive the quality of the Siri user experience.

· Work with the people who created the intelligent assistant that helps millions of people get things done – just by asking.

Principal application architect at T-Mobile

Median base salary: $US174,000 to $US238,000

Company best places to work ranking: No. 79

Job description:

· The Application Architect is part of the Enterprise Architecture team that works with the application development teams collaborating and team-building across technology disciplines, coaching and mentoring engineers, and participating in transformational change.

· Drive adoption of the latest technology models supporting the agile and micro-service based architectures.

· Contribute to the delivery of major business solutions.

Product creation process manager at REI

Suzi Pratt/Getty Images

Median base salary: $US69,000 to $US112,000

Company best places to work ranking: No. 61

Job description:

· Drive the product creation operational process used for REI Private Brands’ products.

· Create processes and metrics to ensure effective execution and create and maintain targeted production calendars across apparel, gear, and bike teams.

· Maintain excellent working relationships across leadership and divisional teams to effectively align and execute planned timeline activities is critical to the success of this role.

· Develop the processes and tools that guide the operations cadence and drive it toward continual improvement.

HR business partner director at Nike

Getty/Maja Hitij

Median base salary:$US138,000 to $US213,000

Company best places to work ranking: No. 53

Job description:

· Act as a partner to leadership to set strategy.

· Align the Converse business and HR strategies to maximise results in support of the COO organisations.

· Activate the strategy with senior leaders and COE partners, which will be measured through focused quarterly and annual business reporting.

· Contribute to the business strategy by helping business leaders to identify, prioritise, and build organizational capabilities, behaviours, structures, and processes.

Fleet operations and management engineer at SpaceX

Median base salary: $US108,000 to $US143,000

Company best places to work ranking: No. 50

Job description:

· Manage technical aspects for fleet operations of SpaceX satellite constellation.

· Plan, test, and conduct command and flight software uploads.

· Create and use intelligent SW analysis tools to detect and predict on-orbit failures by analysis of large, multi-ship telemetry logs.

· Work with subsystem area responsible engineers to forecast failure modes and effects.

· Flight Dynamics: manage climbout, insertion, stationkeeping, debris avoidance and deorbit operations for all spacecraft in the constellation.

General risk senior manager at Protiviti

Median base salary:$US111,000 to $US157,000

Company best places to work ranking: No. 47

Job description:

· Build trusted relationships with certain C-level executives.

· Provide superior service that is used as a reference for obtaining additional work.

· Successfully manage the profitability of client engagements.

· Take the lead role in maintaining primary contact with significant clients.

· Champion and lead product solutions.

· Serve as content expert for development of training and Protiviti standards.

· Demonstrate technical competence in product group and industry.

Senior manager of project management office and project portfolio at Hilton


Median base salary: $US85,000 to $US154,000

Company best places to work ranking: No. 41

Job description:

· Manage the end-to-end execution of resource intensive projects for the Center of Excellence (CoE) and implement standards and policies for all project management activities.

Regional database team lead at Nestlé Purina

Median base salary: $US65,000 to $US124,000

Company best places to work ranking: No. 27

Job description:

· Lead a team of database specialists who are responsible for technical and systems administration duties for databases supporting Nestlé enterprise business applications.

· Manage the regional database team to effectively align and support Nestlé initiatives.

Fuel category manager at Southwest Airlines

Median base salary: $US72,000 to $US112,000

Company best places to work ranking: No. 23

Job description:

· Coordinate the scheduling and planning of fuel supply chain management and operations.

· Conduct spend and market analysis to coordinate supply chain strategy development.

Human resources director at E. & J. Gallo Winery

Median base salary: $US115,000 to $US188,000

Company best places to work ranking: No. 14

Job description:

· Be responsible for organizational development, employee hiring, training, change management, and employee relations across four sites: Los Angeles, San Diego, Ontario, and Bakersfield (based in LA).

· Partner cross functionally across corporate HR, sales, finance, operations, and the distributor leadership to help create and deliver HR programs and change management.

· As a member of the California Distributor leadership team, your ability to be a progressive human resources leader, develop collaborative relationships, and foster employee engagement will help support Gallo in achieving our key goals and initiatives.

Content and social marketing manager at Nest (owned by Google)


Median base salary: $US100,000 to $US141,000

Company best places to work ranking: No. 5

Job description:

· Responsible for all paid, earned, and owned consumer facing Marketing efforts.

· Within this group, Nest is looking for an experienced Content & Social Marketing Manager to join our fast paced team.

Next-gen product management specialist at Bain & Company

Median base salary: $US77,000 to $US111,000

Company best places to work ranking: No. 2

Job description:

· Bain’s Next-generation product management team has been set up to help industry and capability practice areas turbocharge their intellectual property in new ways, including through use of technology tools, benchmarks, and new delivery models.

Executive assistant at Instagram (owned by Facebook)

Median base salary: $US82,000 to $US120,000

Company best places to work ranking: No. 1

Job description:

· Support our CEO.

· The ideal candidate will be passionate, resourceful, and self-motivated.

He or she will be able to manage a heavy workload efficiently, while anticipating the needs of a manager and team before they arise.

This person should be a masterful problem-solver and expert communicator who can operate in an incredibly fast-paced environment with a sense of humour and spirit of helpfulness.

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