The highest-paying jobs at Tesla, ranked

Working at a company as ambitious as Tesla is no easy task.

It’s a demanding and even intimidating atmosphere, as Ashlee Vance illustrates in his new book, “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future.”

But all that hard work is compensated well. Here’s a look at some of the highest paying jobs at Tesla based on salaries posted by employees and former employees on career site Glassdoor.

(Note: We only included jobs with at least five reviews. All figures refer to base salaries without bonuses.)

Mechanical engineer: $97,220

Tesla's various mechanical engineers are tasked with developing various parts of the company's vehicles, such as the power transmission, the components that make up the automobile's chassis, and more. With bonuses, the gig can pay up to $US99,249 according to Glassdoor's data.


QA Engineer: $97,938

QA engineers, or quality assurance engineers, usually monitor every phase of software development to make sure it adheres to the company's standards. According to Glassdoor, Tesla's salary for this position is 19% above the national average for QA engineers.


Design engineer: $99,664

Tesla usually seeks design engineers that specialize in certain fields. Right now, the company is seeking mechanical design engineers for areas such as propulsion, stationary storage-wire harness designs, chassis systems, and more.


Electrical engineer: $100,325

Electrical engineers at Tesla work closely with the company's mechanical engineers and firmware engineers. The electrical engineer would be working with systems that deliver high electrical currents, which is what enables vehicles made by Tesla to 'go faster and charge faster than any other car ever developed in the mass market,' as the company says in its job description.


Senior manufacturing engineer: $113,972

Naturally, the salaries start to get a little higher when you move into senior engineering roles. One senior engineering job listing for Tesla requires 10 years of experience.


Senior design engineer: $115,315

Mark Cuyler, an operations manager at Tesla, walks a Model S through the company's factory in Fremont, California, June 22, 2012.

Tesla clearly values its designers -- not only is the base salary for a senior design engineer among the highest paying jobs at the company, but with bonuses these employees can make up to $US271,179 according to Glassdoor.


Senior project engineer: $117,501

The senior project engineer reports to whoever the senior manager is for that current department, according to an old Tesla job listing. The senior project manager job post from about a year ago was for the Material Flow Engineering team, and requires a minimum of eight years work experience.


Senior CAE engineer: $133,819

CAE stands for computer-aided engineering, which is a type of engineering in which computer software is used to simulate performance in order to improve various aspects of a given product, as software company Siemens explains on its website. CAE engineers are among the highest paid positions at Tesla.


Senior mechanical engineer: $145,755

The body of a Tesla Model S is lifted by an automated crane at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California October 1, 2011.

Senior mechanical engineers are tasked with designing, analysing, and testing mechanical components, as one Tesla job description says. You'd need between five and 10+ years of experience in the industry. Even though the base salary is already pretty high, you can earn up to $US230,069 if you include bonuses, according to Glassdoor.


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