The 12 Highest Paid Players In The Super Bowl (Hint: Tom Brady Isn't #1)

eli manning during the nfc championship game

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Some of the most important players in this year’s Super Bowl are making salaries that barely crack seven figures.On the other hand, relative role players (Chris Canty, anyone?) made a boatload of cash in 2011.

The NFL has an insane salary structure that results in a lot of players making wildly inconsistent amounts of money from year to year.

This nutty structure of bonuses and escalator clauses also makes it tough to figure out how much each player made in 2011.

But we scoured the internet looking for contract details, and found the 12 highest-paid players in the Super Bowl based on how much they made this season.

12. Kareem McKenzie, Giants tackle ($4.3 million)

Source: NYDN

11. Brandon Jacobs, Giants running back ($4.65 million)

Source: NYDN

10. Vince Wilfork, Patriots nose tackle (~$5 million?)*

*This is more or less a guess. Wilfork signed a 5-year, $40 million contract with a $18 million signing bonus in 2010. But details of how that bonus will be dispersed aren't public. But anyway you cut it, he's one of the highest-paid guys in the Super Bowl. So there.

9. Michael Boley, Giants linebacker ($5.15 million)

Source: The Star-Ledger

8. Chris Canty, Giants defensive tackle ($5.25 million)

Source: NYDN

7. Antrel Rolle, Giants safety ($5.25 million)

Source: ESPN

6. Chad Ochocino, Patriots wide receiver ($5.5 million)

Source: ESPN

5. Matt Light, Patriots tackle ($6 million)

Source: ESPN

4. Corey Webster, Giants cornerback ($8.25 million)

Source: ESPN

3. Eli Manning, Giants quarterback ($12.9 million)

Source: Sports City

2. Tom Brady, Patriots quarterback ($18 million)

Source: Forbes

1. Logan Mankins, Patriots guard ($21.5 million)

True story.

Mankins' base salary is only $1.5 million. But he took home $21.5 million in cash this year because of a steep $20 million signing bonus. Wow!

Source: ESPN

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