Here's Forbes' List Of The Highest Paid Coaches In The NFL

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick’s head coaching career in the NFL didn’t get off to a particularly dynamic or lucrative start. After helping the New York Giants to a 1991 Super Bowl victory as a defensive coordinator under Bill Parcells, Belichick jumped to the Cleveland Browns  as head coach. But after a 36-44 run over five years, he went back to assisting Parcells for four years with the Patriots and Jets.

In 2000 Belichick got his second chance to be top dog when New England fired Pete Carroll. Always known for his defensive brilliance, Belichick’s long tutelage under the coaching master Parcells finally paid off. In 2007, after compiling a 75-37 record and winning three Super Bowls, Belichick cashed in. He signed an extension that would keep him in New England through 2013, with an average salary over $7 million annually, making him the NFL’s highest-paid coach. He hasn’t won a title since, though he’s gone 51-13 and has the Pats in the driver’s seat as this year’s favourite.

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