The Highest-Grossing New Year's Day Movies Of All Time

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It may not be a big day to open films, like Christmas; however, there are 11 films which have managed to make north of $10 million on New Year’s Day.We’ve taken a look at the biggest box-office films to open the New Year.

Unsurprisingly, the largest-earning films occur when the holiday falls on a Friday or Saturday.

Though New Year’s falls in the beginning of the week this year, we’re sure Les Mis,” “The Hobbit,” or “Django Unchained” will have no problem getting on this list.

Tom Cruise's latest 'Mission Impossible' film is his highest-earning film to date with nearly $700 million worldwide at theatres.

The first in 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy spiked back up to double-digit earnings New Year's day 2002 before dropping six million at theatres the following day.

The sequel to the 'Fellowship' saw a similar New Year's trend as the last film. The film took a drop in theatre openings after the first of January.

The second weekend for the 'Meet the Fockers' sequel was the last big single-day income for the film. It continued to stay at the top of the box office through January before bowing out in week seven.

Ben Stiller has Christmas and New Years under his command.

Stiller's adventures in the Museum of Natural History managed to earn nearly as much New Year's day as its opening day December 22.

During its third week in theatres 'Titanic' continued to stay on track with its first week opening. The film remained number one at theatres for a total of 15 weeks.

The highest-grossing 'Lord of the Rings' film's New Year's earnings were the final time it earned more than $10 million at theatres.

The sequel to the 2007 film earned double the first film on the same day.

After the success of 'Iron Man,' Robert Downey Jr.'s next blockbuster had earned $100 million by the time New Year's rolled around.

The New Year's earnings for Ben Stiller's sequel to 'Meet the Parents' were nearly as high as its largest-earning day at the box office Christmas 2004.

The highest-grossing film of all time may have come out December 18, 2009; however, two weeks after its release, it managed to earn nearly the same amount it pulled in opening night ($26.8 million).

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