High Schooler Dubbed 'Knuckleball Princess' Is Dominating Florida High School Baseball

Recognised as a prodigy in Japan where they have dubbed her the “Knuckleball Princess” and where she was offered a $US50,000 contract at just 15 years old, Chelsea Baker may just be the greatest story in high school baseball today.

After rising to instant fame thanks to a pair of perfect little league baseball games four years ago, Baker and her killer knuckleball are taking on some of the most competitive high school baseball in the country. And thus far, according to a Yahoo Sports report, Baker has aced it.

The 5-foot-2 120-pound Baker is 2-0 with a 0.78 ERA and three strikeouts in her first nine innings against competition in Florida’s Class 7A.

Baker learned the knuckleball from the brother of MLB Hall of Fame pitcher Phil Niekro. The junior is the only girl on the Durant High School baseball team.

Baker’s original Little Leauge stardom resulted in appearances on ‘Good Morning America’, ESPN’s ‘E:60’ and the MLB’s ‘This Week in Baseball’, as well as having her little league jersey on display in Cooperstown.

(h/t: Yahoo Sports)

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