40 old high school yearbook photos of Wall Street's titans

Henry KravisLoomis Chaffee yearbookDo you recognise this legendary billionaire?

It’s August and kids are starting to head back to school.

Before they were masters of the universe, the biggest names on Wall Street were once just regular high school kids, too.

They were members of sports and academic teams. They entered essay contests, edited the school’s literary magazine and starred in musicals.

We combed through a number of high school yearbooks and have compiled photos and accomplishments of some of the Street’s most recognisable names. Some of them still look the same, while others have drastically improved their hairdos.

We even found Goldman’s CEO Lloyd Blankfein in his swim trunks. Enjoy!

In the 1947 Woodrow Wilson High School yearbook, Warren Buffett said he wanted to be a stock broker.

Woodrow Wilson High School 1947 yearbook

His top lieutenant Berkshire Hathaway's vice chairman Charlie Munger was in the R.O.T.C. and a member of the boy's rifle team at Central High School in Omaha.

Central High School yearbook

Energy tycoon T. Boone Pickens played basketball at Amarillo High School in the 1940s.

Amarillo High School yearbook

Private equity billionaire Stephen Schwarzman was the student council president at Abington High School in 1965.

Abington High School yearbook

KKR cofounder Henry 'Hank' Kravis was on Loomis Chaffee High School's wrestling team in 1962.

Loomis Chaffee yearbook

Lynn Tilton's senior portrait for Teaneck High School in New Jersey quoted 'Feelin' Groovy.'

Teaneck High School yearbook

Tilton played on the high school tennis team.

Teaneck High School yearbook

Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan's senior portrait at Marietta High School in Ohio. He was a member of the French Club, National Honour Society and the football, baseball and track teams.

Marietta High School

Here's Moynihan and the track team...

Marietta High School

Bank of America COO Tom Montag played varsity basketball at Beaverton High School in Oregon. He also played football and baseball.

Beaverton High School

Citigroup CEO Mike Corbat played ice hockey at Shelton High School in Connecticut.

Shelton High School yearbook

Investment banker Ken 'Kenny' Moelis was on the basketball and golf teams at New Rochelle High School in 1976.

New Rochelle High School yearbook

Here is Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein's senior portrait. He ended up going to Harvard, not Columbia.

Thomas Jefferson High School 1971 yearbook

Blankfein was the valedictorian of Thomas Jefferson High School (Brooklyn, New York) in 1971. He was a city champion in the 400 meter freestyle.

Thomas Jefferson High School 1971 yearbook

In his senior yearbook, Goldman's CIO Marty Chavez cited Maxwell's equations, which are the basic laws that govern electricity, magnetism and electromagnetic radiation, hence the 'and then there was light' part.

Abuquerque Academy yearbook

Goldman Sachs president and COO Gary Cohn is seen sporting a suit and tie as a freshman at Gilmour Academy in Ohio.

Gilmour Academy yearbook

Here's Cohn in Frosh Debate club.

Gilmour Academy yearbook

Skybridge Capital founder and 'Wall Street Week' co-host Anthony Scaramucci graduated from Paul D. Schreiber High School.

Paul D. Schreiber High School yearbook

Morgan Stanley senior adviser and 'Wall Street Week' co-host Gary Kaminsky graduated from Hewlett High School in the 1980s. We love the jacket!

Hewlett High School

Hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones, who attended Memphis University School, was vice president of the student council in 1972.

1972 Memphis University School yearbook

Activist investor Bill Ackman attended Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, New York. He quotes Thomas Jefferson: 'Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind.' He also has the following quote, 'A closed mouth gathers no foot.'

Horace Greeley High School 1986 yearbook

Ackman was one of the top ranked players on his high school's tennis team.

Horace Greeley High School 1986 yearbook

Ackman's classmates voted him the 'most verbose.' They also said that they would like to see him in a Grecian Formula commercial. That's a five-minute hair dye product for men that replaces grey with natural looking colour.

Horace Greeley High School 1986 yearbook

Here is Ackman in third grade at Douglas G. Grafflin Elementary School in Chappaqua, New York.

Horace Greeley High School 1986 yearbook

Jana Partners CEO Barry Rosenstein played basketball at Mountain High School in New Jersey.

Mountain High School yearbook

Maverick Capital's Lee Ainslie is seen in the 1981 Episcopal High School (Alexandria, Virginia) yearbook.

1981 Episcopal High School Yearbook

Ainslie played on the football team. He was on J.V. as an underclassman.

1981 Episcopal High School yearbook

Marc Lasry, the billionaire CEO of Avenue Capital, pictured in Hall High School's yearbook. Lasry, who spent some time in Paris as a child, was a member of the French Club.

Hall High School yearbook

Hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen, who now runs Point72 Asset Management, is pictured with his classmates at John L. Miller Great Neck North High School on Long Island.

John L. Miller Great Neck North High School yearbook

Daniel Loeb, the founder of Third Point LLC, is seen here in his 1979 senior portrait for Palisades High School in Santa Monica, California.

Palisades High School 1979 yearbook

Hedge fund manager David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital is seen here in Nicolet High School (Wisconsin) yearbook from 1987.

Nicolet High School yearbook 1987

Einhorn was also a member of his high school's maths team. Einhorn won first place in a State Economics Essay Contest, too.

Nicolet High School 1987 yearbook

Hedge fund hot-shot Mick McGuire, who now runs Marcato Capital, is pictured performing in musical theatre in the 1993 yearbook for Hickman High in Columbia, Missouri.

Hickman High 1993 yearbook

Appaloosa's founder David Tepper had a lot of hair in the 1975 Peabody High School (Pittsburgh) yearbook. Tepper was a member of the Slavic club, the bicycling club and the bowling club.

1975 Peabody High School yearbook

Tepper was also a Thespian in high school. He won the 'best actor' award for his school's production of 'Bye, Bye Birdie.'

1975 Peabody High School yearbook

Famed short-seller Jim Chanos attended Wylie E. Groves High School in Beverly Hills, Michigan.

Wylie E. Groves High School 1975 yearbook

Value investor Whitney Tilson of Kase Capital graduated in 1985 from Northfield Mt. Hermon School (Massachusetts). He said: 'The key to happiness is understanding how many people there are that are less fortunate than yourself.'

1985 Northfield Mt. Hermon School yearbook

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin, the founder of Citadel, is pictured in the 1985 Boca Raton High School yearbook.

1985 Boca Raton High School yearbook

That is hedge fund manager Stan Druckenmiller during his freshman year at the Collegiate School, in Richmond, Virginia. He was the J.V. basketball team's manager in 1968.

Collegiate School 1968 yearbook

Druckenmiller was also on the honour roll as a freshman.

Collegiate School 1968 yearbook

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