High School Trainer Receives Slap On Wrist For Blog Post Saying Racial Taunts Of A Player Were Justified

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Photo: LegacyChristianAcademy.org

A high school trainer in Lamesa, Texas has been suspended five days with pay for comments on the school’s blog that criticised one of the school’s football players who got upset at being called the n-word.According to KBCD in Lubbock, Texas, 16-year-old O’Sean Williams was recently ejected from a game for hitting an opposing player after being subjected racial slurs (the opposing player was also ejected).

The school’s trainer, Ray “Doc” McCall later expressed his criticisms of Williams on the school’s blog saying the racial taunts were justified and that Williams should be ashamed “to be a black”…

“One the sideline, I approached our player and asked him why he took such great offence to being called an (‘n-word’) when our black students, this boy included, called each other (‘n-word’) all the time when they addressed each other…that kid deserved to be kicked out of the game.  It is the reason why he should be ashamed to even be a black.”

The Lamesa superintendent justified the light punishment for the ignorant comments by noting that McCall has an “exemplary, unblemished record” in 30 years as an employee.

The superintendent added that McCall’s comment “wasn’t about racism” even though McCall called Williams’ reaction “reverse racism” in the blog post, leading us to wonder if they have dictionaries in Lamesa. 

Williams mother is still working with organisations in an effort to seek justice for her son. Let’s hope she succeeds.

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