High School Football Recruit Quits Facebook Because Of Harassment From College Fans


Photo: Gawker

The whole state of Mississippi has been enthralled with high school linebacker C.J. Johnson, who just announced he was choosing Ole Miss over Mississippi State, a full week before he can make it official on National Signing Day.But the even bigger announcement was that Johnson chose to make his announcement early — and at the same time quit his entire Facebook account — because he was tired of the teams’ fans bothering him on Facebook.

Fans from both schools posted rumours, pleas, threats, insults, and other insanities in the desperate hope that they could sway Johnson’s decision.

“Mississippi State fans posing as Ole Miss fans and Ole Miss fans posing as Mississippi State fans,” said Johnson’s mother. “It was just crazy.”

By the way, these aren’t college kids. These are full-grown adults that are friending high school football players on Facebook in the hopes of persuade them to choose the right school. Johnson posted that they’ve made his “recruiting experience a living nightmare.”

Unfortunately, they don’t know how to behave online any better than most kids. And high school players, who aren’t necessarily savvy about online privacy, are getting besieged by total strangers. NCAA rules sure can’t keep up; how can coaches and parents?

SI’s Andy Staples suggests that we just pull the plug on Facebook for the next week, to protect all these people from themselves.

Does it have to be only a week?

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