High school duxes in NSW are now guaranteed a place at Sydney University

Harry Potter fans at Sydney University. Picture: Getty Images

High school duxes in NSW will have a guaranteed place at the University of Sydney next year no matter what their ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank).

“It’s long been acknowledged that the ATAR is an imperfect measure of academic success,” says Professor Tyrone Carlin, Sydney University’s Registrar.

“Students from low socioeconomic backgrounds or rural and regional areas are statistically less likely to receive high ATARs, despite often outperforming their peers.”

Under the trial scheme, students would get a guaranteed offer to the university following a confirmation from the school of their status as dux.

Courses available to each student would depend on their results, and admission would remain dependent on the completion of the HSC and the assignment of an ATAR.

“Being named dux of the school shows leadership and is a profound academic achievement in itself,” Carlin says. “Recognising this academic success is part of our ongoing commitment to making sure the brightest students have a place at the University of Sydney, regardless of their social or cultural background.”

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