The regions in Australia with the highest paying jobs

Stefan Postles/Getty ImagesHighly paid with plenty of available positions.

If you’re looking for a pay increase and willing to undergo a seachange to do so, the table below from jobs specialists Adzuna may be of interest to you.

Source: Adzuna

Based on current job postings on its website, it shows the postcodes with the highest advertised salary levels right now.

The postcodes in the table reflect the first two digits in each location.

Right now, the highest average salaries are found in postcodes starting with 46 and 47, which represent the Gladstone and Bowen regions of Queensland.

Raife Watson, CEO of Adzuna, said a number of new coal mining projects in the Bowen Basin, and the subsequent flow-on-effect to the ports in Gladstone, are currently acting to support salary levels in these regions.

“We have not seen coal prices increase at this rate since 2011. In response, the Palaszczuk Government has issued new mining leases in the region and jobs growth in both mining and construction should continue as a result,” says Watson.

“The Gladstone Port will also reap the benefits of the global demand for coal, and jobs in logistics will increase steadily as exports ramp up.”

Nestled between the Gladstone and Bowen regions in second spot were postcodes beginning with 26 — the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Adzuna reports that the current average salary in this region is $103,752.

At the other end of the spectrum, Watson said South Australia has the highest number of postcodes at the lower end of the salary scale right now.

Of course, the data supplied by Adzuna is only a very rough indication of wage trends across the country, not taking into account other factors like the industries that are hiring, the skills required to get them, lifestyle factors along with the cost of living in these locations, including for housing.

However, Watson says it’s the latter that should be a major consideration for anyone contemplating moving to find work.

“If you are considering a move to an area of Australia that offers lower salaries than your current location, write a list of every cost in your life. What will the mortgage repayments be in your new location? Are you spending less in fuel every week?,” he asks.

“It will often be the case that moving to a location outside the city will mean a lower salary, but the gap will be closed by the difference in the cost of living.”

One that many residents in Sydney and Melbourne are undoubtedly already thinking about given the elevated cost of housing in these locations.

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