The 10 College Majors With The Highest Starting Salaries

Electrical engineering majors make the most money immediately after graduating college, with an average starting salary of $US57,030, according to a recent study from Michigan State University.

The study comes from MSU’s College Employment Research Institute, and charts the average starting salaries for new college graduates in a variety of majors.

According to the MSU study, the average starting salary among all new college graduates is $US39,045. The lowest average starting salary — advertising — is $US36,638.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the MSU list is dominated by engineering majors. Check out the top 10 highest average starting salaries below:

  1. Electrical Engineering — $US57,030
  2. Computer Engineering — $US56,576
  3. Mechanical Engineering — $US56,055
  4. Software Design — $US54,183
  5. Computer Programming — $US54,065
  6. Chemical Engineering — $US53,622
  7. Computer Science — $US52,237
  8. Civil Engineering — $US51,622
  9. Mathematics — $US47,952
  10. Construction — $US45,591

See the full results via the Michigan State University College Employment Research Institute >>

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