High-End Escorts In Spain Are Denying Services To Bankers Until They Start Giving Out More Loans

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Photo: Jemingway via flickr

High-end escorts in Madrid are on strike—against the banking industry.A Spanish trade group for high-end escorts has announced they will be denying services to bankers until they start extending loans to families and small to medium-sized companies, Russia Today reported last week. (h/t @moorehn)

Here’s how this came about:

It all started with one of the ladies who forced one of her clients to grant a line credit and a loan simply by halting her sexual services until he “fulfils his responsibility to society.”

The trade association’s spokeswoman praised their success by stressing the government and the Bank of Spain have previously failed to adjust the credit flow.

“We are the only ones with a real ability to pressure the sector,” she stated. “We have been on strike for three days now and we don’t think they can withstand much more.”

Apparently, the bankers have been so desperate that they have resorted to pretending to be of other professions and even calling the government for mediation assistance.

The pretending, however, isn’t working. These escorts are so high-end, they know that bankers are some of the few people in town that can afford them.

We wondering how long they’ll hold out (we mean the bankers, of course).

Read the whole RT piece here >

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