High-Achieving, Ethnically Diverse Women Are Most Likely To Buy Mascara In Australia

High-achieving, ethnically diverse professional women in the 25-34 age range are responsible for most mascara sales in Australia, new market research shows.

Roy Morgan today reported that 35% of women in its “Young and Platinum” category – typically well educated, inner city professionals with an annual household income of $136,000 – bought mascara in an average 6 month period, compared to a national average of 26%.

Women in the “Successful Immigrant” category, with young families and an average household income of $97,000 in the outer suburbs, tied with the inner city group as the biggest mascara buyers at 35%.

Based on survey data from October 2012 to September 2013, Roy Morgan named Maybelline the most popular mascara brand by far, across all age groups.

According to Roy Morgan, Maybelline has been Australia’s top mascara brand for the last 5 years.

From the report:

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