Hide Your iPhones, A Craigslist Thief Is Loose In Georgia

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When I decided to sell my couch on Craigslist for some extra pocket money, I naively agreed to meet the prospective buyers at my apartment – at night and alone.Luckily, they weren’t trying to kill me and I made off with a fat wad of cash.

But some Georgia residents found out the hard way what a gamble selling items online can be.  

Police in Athens, Ga. are on the prowl for thieves they claim lured victims into traps using Craigslist and then robbed them blind, according to WSB-TV.

“We’ve had four iPhones that have been posted on Craigslist and in two of those cases the phones themselves were actually snatched from the victims. In the other two, money was actually snatched from them,” Capt. Clarence Holeman with the Athens-Clarke County police told the news station. 

Another woman showed up to sell a $5,000 diamond ring and the alleged buyer took both the cash and the ring and fled the scene, according to police. (See 8 ways to earn extra cash.

As we’ve pointed out in numerous articles, Craigslist is a great tool if you’re looking to liquidate some of the clutter in your life. Just be sure to protect yourself as much as possible. 

Tell your friends that you’re going to meet a potential buyer or seller and bring someone to tag along. Never meet at night and try to meet in as public a space as possible. Bringing hundreds of dollars in cash is probably not a good idea either, so see if they’ll accept a money order or check.

Or, think about using a review-based site for selling used items, such as Buymytronics.com, Gazelle.com or eBay.

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