Hidden Web Browser Found In New Nook Touch Reader

It’s not listed as one of the features on the updated Nook e-reader, but there is a web browser hidden inside Barnes & Noble’s newest device, you just need to know how to access it.

The eBook Reader shows the clandestine web browser on the Simple Touch Reader in the video below, and it’s fairly easy to access. Just open up the Nook’s search function, type a URL into the search bar and hit the go button. It’s that simple.

The e-ink display doesn’t make for the best browsing experience, and the functionality of the undocumented browser is a little buggy, especially when it comes to scrolling, zooming and clicking on hyperlinks, but it’s pretty handy if you need to visit a website real quick and all you have is your Nook e-reader.

For a fully functional web browser, you’ll probably have to root your device or hope for a pleasant update from B&N.

Via Hidden Web Browser Found in New Nook Touch Reader on WonderHowTo.

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